Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Updates

E's basketball season is about over.  I don't know what the team's record is but they are having a losing season. 
 They did manage to hang on and win this game.
 The previous game they were ahead by 9 with 2 minutes left.  All's they had to do was run the time off the clock.  But one girl went wild trying to take the ball down the court and making crazy shots.  She had so many turnovers that the other team was able to come back and win.
 I still don't know why the coach wouldn't take her out of the game but oh, well.
 The temperature got up in the high 60's on Tuesday so I thought I might ride Otoelene.  But this is what I found when I was checking the other horses.
 Thumper's leg was swollen and there was some blood tinged fluid draining down.  So he got taken to the barn to have the hair shaved off so I could see what it looked like.
 And this is what I found.  What on earth did he find to stick his leg in this time.  There really is nothing unnatural in their field.  Horses do find ways to hurt themselves.
J bought this hay unroller 13 years ago at an auction and he said it was worn out then.  He noticed a couple of days ago that one of the arms had some metal fatigue at the hinge joint and was splitting.
 So he went out and bought this new one.  
 If you have a new tractor you might as well get a new hay unroller to go with it.
By the way, we went from 60's to 20's in less than 24 hours and 2 inches of rain.
  Funny weather we're having.

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