Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Clean, Rain, Repeat

I clean the cattle guard, it rains, repeat.  
 As you know, it's a cattle guard not a horse guard.  When it snowed so much a couple of weeks ago, it filled in with snow and ice and the horses got out again.  So we've been having to put the horse gate (dog cable with plastic bags for visibility) up over the cattle guard.  This pretty much defeats the purpose of being able to drive across it with out having to get out and in and out and in.
  The first 2 slots were already filled in with gravel that has washed down the driveway and the rest with leaves and pine needles.  
After 30 minutes with the hoe and shovel I got it all cleaned out. (except for those 2 leaves which have already started the process over again)
Back to driving in and out unencumbered (at least for the time being).  Of course, that's not taking the cattle guard at the house into consideration.  It still has to have the Hank guard and now the goat guard over it.


C said...

You need a gas blower to blow all that debries out.

Ian Holland said...

Snow fills them in pretty good too. That's how I got my last few rides in. Walk across and get into back country.

cheyenne jones said...

We call them Cattle Grids, they are pits, with drainage out one side, the metal grid is seperate flat topped bars, a bit like rail track across, everything washed or dropped into the grid falls between the bars and ito the pit. which in turn gets wased out by the rain.

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