Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coming Home

The bred heifers are do to start calving before too long.  They were doing really well where they were  but it's 20 minutes from the house and J wanted to be able to keep a closer eye on them during calving.  It's also easier to get them up here if there is any trouble. 
 As usual, I hide while J tows them into the lot with a little hay.
 They still have some grass to pick and J's been feeding round bales but I guess a square bale is a treat.
 We had to make two trips to get them all.
 Kit wasn't around for this.
 But Emma, our official greeter, always likes to welcome the new residents.
 They are in pretty good shape for just pasture and hay.
It's amazing how much can come out of 20 heifers in a 20 minute trailer ride.
On the goat front, 3 more sets of twins, 2 singles and 2 sets of triplets.
Kid Count - 18


Mary Ann said...

I'm glad I'm not cleaning that trailer out today! The pictures were great.

Alica said...

They sure do look good! Just for fun, sometimes we tell our friends who don't know about cows, that when the cow moves, there's an auger inside that starts turning. It sure seems that way sometimes! :)

cheyenne jones said...

Now that is a cleaning job and a half! Poor guy.
On the upside, wait? There ain`t no upside! Lol.

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