Friday, February 15, 2013

Fridays Fence #70 Brace Posts

Wire fences need brace post either at corners, bends or long stretches.  
 Here is a sample of the bracing on a fence that came with the farm when we bought it 17 years ago.  I think the fence was fairly new then.
 It's held up ok but is a bit rustic.
Here is a sample of the brace posts we have put in.  It may not have the same character but let's hope it last longer.
For more fences click HERE.


Dianna said...

Hi, there!
Glad you stopped by and left a comment for me. (I could only wish that were my farm in the pictures I posted....!)
So, I'm going to look around here at your site. You're in the East; mind if I ask what state?
Nice to "meet" you!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

those mountains & hill views are just amazing. such great shots. ( :

Jori said...

Beautiful countryside!!!

Jan n Jer said...

Whatever long as it makes the fence sturdy!

Dianna said...

Drop me an e-mail. My ex husband was from Glade Spring.

Anonymous said...

Love the rustic looks of the first,, but your brace posts are certainly an improvement.

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