Thursday, February 21, 2013

Product Review - Ariat All Terrain Boots

Several years ago J got me a pair of Ariat boots for Christmas.  I didn't wear them much to start with because I always wore tennis shoes everywhere.  When I first tried to wear them they just felt to high and rubbed my ankle.  Finally, to make him happy I started wearing them more.  
Dare I say it, once again J was right.  Now I wear them all of the time, riding, hiking, farm work, shopping...  But I was getting worried that they might wear out.
 So I searched and found these.
I couldn't find the same grey color I liked but they seem identical in every other way.  They look too clean to wear.  I guess I will have to start with shopping and eating out before I take them endurance riding.

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SunnySD said...

I LOVE my Terrains. I've had 3 or four pairs now. I keep one pair for "good" snowy day town trips, and when the barn pair wears out, I get a new pair for "good" and bump the old town pair down to barn duty. Sure hope Ariat keeps making them for a while!

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