Friday, February 8, 2013

Sissy's Pedicure

Sissy spends her days hanging out at the barn eating with the heifer J's feeding for a beef.  J is tires of feeding /seeing Sissy.  He would like for her to be gone.  I thought about putting a picture of her on Craig's List but E said her feet looked too bad.  They have over grown because she never will leave the barnyard. 
 So it was off to the equipment cabinet to pull out the hoof trimmers my sister had when she had sheep 35 years ago.
 We were surprised that they were still sharp enough to work.
 Of course, Emma had to help out the best she could.
 J did the fronts and I did the rears.
Do you think anyone would buy her now?  Run Sissy run.
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Tayet @ Farm Life at its Best said...

I would buy her if I could! She's very pretty.

Mary Ann said...

I think she's a doll, too! Good job, Emma!

Alica said...

Sissy looks a whole lot more cooperative than Jenna's goats were! She actually seems to be enjoying her pedicure!

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