Saturday, February 2, 2013

Training Brother

I know a large part of my family would rather see Kit Kat pictures but the only thing I had of him today was a bloody spot in the snow with his foot prints around it and a little piece of mouse guts and I didn't think you wanted to see that.  So, you will have to put up with more pictures of Brother's Training. 
 Brother loves coming in the barn to play.  He is very interested in anything I bring out of the shop.  In fact, he would love to go into the shop.
 The shower curtain didn't startle him at all.
He seems fascinated by it.
 Even to the point of walking across it a liberty.
 What horse does that?
 E came down to see his progress so I put her to work helping me with the saddle.
 I've already had the blanket on him several times and if he can put up with the plastic the saddle pad is a piece of cake.
 I decided to just use the hunter saddle to start with.
And as you can see, that doesn't concern him either. (The halter is a concern, I didn't have his at the barn.  I know this one doesn't fit, that's why I didn't tie him)  A little lunging with the saddle and we called it a day.

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gtyyup said...

*Chuckle*...he seems really upset over the whole thing ;~)

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