Saturday, March 9, 2013

Banding Day

With V home for Spring Break we took the opportunity having extra help to get the goats up and band the boys.  
 There is no herding Sissy however, she is more of a follower or else free spirit off doing her own thing.  Bumble and Bea were very interested in all of the activity.
 We had kept E's pet goat Squeeky's baby from last year to maybe use as a billy this year but have decided it will be to much of a hassle to keep him seperated until we need him in the fall.   She had another billy this year which should be old enough then so we might try that instead.
 It was a little bit of a struggle but we finally got them all into the lot.
 V held, J banded,
 and E marked so we wouldn't keep catching the ones we had already done.
 I've put this picture of the billy on a Facebook farm exchange sale page. We'll see if that works.
We then turned them out above the driveway for a few days or at least until they start roaming too much and going down to the road or to the neighbor's.

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fernvalley01 said...

well oiled machine that team(family) group

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