Friday, March 15, 2013

Boot Day

Now that she is majoring in Animal Science instead of Accounting, V has been wearing her cowboy boots a lot more often. 
 She was picked in a livestock handling lab to sort a group of cows.  Unfortunately, the lot they were in contained a foot of mud and manure.  Her boots looked trashed when she came home for spring break.
 After some scrubbing with Murphy's Oil Soap and a coat of Lexol, they look a little better.  I wasn't able to do anything about the paint she got on them at the Block and Bridle B cutting, or the bleach that sprayed back on her as she was cleaning the pig barn, but at least I got the manure off.  Girls will be girls.
 For her birthday I took her shopping for a new pair.  I think they look pretty nice.  She has instructions to wear them to class and special events only, no trips to the pig barn or animal science lab with these.
These were on the sale rack and caught my eye.  I thought they would be perfect to slip on to run down to the barn or out to the garden or to throw on if Hank got in the yard.  Sure enough, the first day home they were put to use getting Hank out of the yard.  Worked perfect.


Story said...

We always try to declare certain clothing and footwear to be for town only but somehow, eventually, they all find their way to the barn!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

All roads lead to the barn! lol

But I must say, those boots look like they are living a WONDERFUL life! ;)

The Goat Borrower

fernvalley01 said...

Boots are a story in themselves when they are well used. I like the little mudders you got I have a similar pair

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