Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calving Season

Our cows have started calving.  Most people around here have their spring calving season staring in late January or February.  J has been going against the norm and not calving until the end of March.  Usually, (but not necessarily this year) the weather is better by now. 

 Two heifers have calved so far.
 I love the speckled faces.
And another speckled one.  
We have 25 heifers to calve this year.  I think Brother and Otoelene will keep an eye on things for us.


Alica said...

I never get tired of seeing those newborn faces!

Tayet said...

That orange one is so pretty! And the markings on the black ones face... I'm think I'm going to throw up they're so cute!

CDH said...

I too am looking forward to spring! We are done calving and now working the bulls. Then branding. Can't wait. My flowers are looking a little peakid in the morning too! 25 in the AM - 45 - 50 in the afternoon. Happy Calving :)

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