Monday, March 11, 2013

Riding Lessons

A vet I work with has decided she would like to learn how to ride.  She had a lot of experience working with horses on the ground but had never ridden.  This was her third lesson and she brought a friend who I am sure has never touched a horse before.  
 Emily, on the left, being new started out on Hank.  Alicia was game to try Jessica for the second time.
 Emily was content wandering around the ring, sometimes going where she wanted but more likely than not, going where Hank wanted.  She tried trotting once and made it about 5 strides before she said that was enough and couldn't she just walk.  And why is it everyone always squeals the first time they trot on a horse?
 Alicia on the other hand, was determined to work on the posting trot.  Jessica, on the other hand, was determined not to.  She would either do a slow western jog or take off cantering.  The cantering was when I had my back turned for an instant helping Emily, so I'm still not sure what happened there.
 We ended the lesson with a go on Hank in the vaulting saddle.
Maybe I could use these pictures if I needed to blackmail her some day.  Hank really is a patient horse.


Mary Ann said...

Joking aside, your friend looks like she is getting a good basic lesson for her future in the saddle!

Kim said...

I think the reason why I squealed the first (second, third, maybe even tenth) time I trotted was because learning to ride as an adult is a whole different experience. Kind of like getting in a car and it starting to move when you don't know how to drive! You're sweet for teaching her. I'm sure she has always dreamed of riding.

fernvalley01 said...

Hank sure seems to be a sweet soul, great horse fora first time rider. I don't recall squealing the first time I trotted(or I just wont admit it) but I do wonder at times about others

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