Monday, March 4, 2013

Silly Goats

The goats have access to the lower part of our farm right now.  That means they run back and forth all day across 300 acres through various lots, fields and hollows.
 This set of twins got left behind.
 J notices them under the same cedar tree for 24 hours with no nanny in sight.
 After some fancy foot work J had them.
 We took them on the 4-wheeler to the other end of the farm where the goats were.
 Mom took them right away.
I'm not sure if that's a happy face or not, but the black goat in the back looks like she is trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.
Silly goats.


Crystal said...

haha I haven't caught snowflakes on my tongue for a long time :)

~Allison said...

Goats are so funny! Glad the kids got back with mom, I bet they were hungry.

Mary Ann said...

Man, those were some hungry babies!

Alica said...

I just love goats! Jenna will be getting her 4H goats at the end of April. I remember how hard they can be to catch at first...I'm glad J was able to get ahold of them before they took off!

C said...

J is the master. Great job.

The tongue thing is unusual but what is that Mama goat doing with her lips? She looks like she has a kissy face - it looks almost faked. And another weird observation - the white and back pattern on the little goat's behind reminds me of Charles Bronson.

Willow said...

That last photos is just really cute! Smiling softly I am.

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