Saturday, March 16, 2013


E's tennis season has started.  She began in 4th seed but the substitute coach at one practice convinced her to challenge her doubles partner and she won.  So, now she started the first game as 3rd seed.  
 Her first match was a doubles.   They did well and won 8-6.
 Then she played her singles match and things went a little south.
 The weather was a little cold for tennis, hence the gloves.   J, V and I mainly watched from the protection of the truck cab.
E ended up losing 3-8 and the team also lost the whole match.  E is still enjoying tennis a lot.  I hope to find a tennis camp she can attend or a coach to give lessons to improve her game even more.

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C said...

Nice job getting to 3rd seed - E. I hope you have a good season.

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