Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brother Outside

The weather has be so bad all spring that we've not gotten a chance to work with Brother outside until today.  It was windy but at least the ground was dry. (We even had a frost this morning, pretty late for Southwest Virginia.)
 J worked on lunging Brother first.  He does fine with this in the round pen but it is a bit of a struggle on the lunge line.
 I was riding Otoelene and decided to try and pony Brother.  She was very tolerant of this arrangement and only half heartily kicked back at him when he had his chest up to her tail.  
 Then I went ahead and braved getting on.
Nothing to worry about, he did great.  We walked and trotted, circled and serpentined, halted and backed, all without problems.   Looks like it will be J's turn next time. 


CDH said...

Looks like Brother did a great job. Sure is a fine looking horse. Like the tall, lush green grass.

Allison B said...

Good job Brother!!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

He looks like a solid citizen!

Crystal said...

Sure looks like he is coming along wonderfully :)

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