Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Checking Cows

I helped J work on some more fence this week (stay tuned for Friday's Fences for details).  He said if I helped him with his he would help me with mine.   His took 3 hours, mine took 20 minutes. 
I was wanting to put some electric fence around a tree I planted in the new horse lot next to the barn.  There is no shade in that pasture so I planted a little maple tree.   After we were finished with the section of J's fence that needed the most attention, we drove around and checked the cows that haven't calved yet.
 There were just a few more in this group left to calve but they were spread out.  The wild apple trees have plenty of blooms this year.  I hope I can get to the apples before the cows do.  I'm looking forward to having some apple sauce instead of just pear sauce this year.
 I love the long views when the cows are on top of a hill.
Makes it look very open and spacious.  Sorry no calf pictures, as I said, these are the ones that haven't calved yet.


cheyenne jones said...

How very green! we could do with grass like that!

C said...

Love the cow on the hill pictures. Very cool

Crystal said...

haha I love "mine took 20 min, his took 3 hours" That happens to me all the time!

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