Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friday's Fences #79

J was informed the other day that the section of this line fence that is leaning over was our responsibility.   The other land owner say their's is the straight section going up the hill.  
 So what else is there to do but go fix more fence.  (This was the project I helped J with so I could get the 2 strands of electric around my maple tree).
 The truck came in handy pulling the fence up straight.
 We then had to remove several broken posts that were dragging the wire down.  J tossed those back over to our side to cut up later for firewood.
 Of course we had to replace those broken posts.  J is a wiz with the post hole diggers, cranking out those holes in no time.
 We then put in the new ones, shoved the dirt back in and tamped them in.
Five wooded post, 7 steel posts, lots of staples and wire clips later, and now our section is straight.
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CDH said...

Don't you wish they sold pre dug post holes at the hardware store? LOL! That's what gramps always says....Looks like you all have some nice grass coming up... :)

cheyenne jones said...

I hate doing fence! if its not one thing its another. We use miles of "Rylock" sheep fence, springy as hell, and bites back! But it does a good job. The posts get whacked in with a tractor and a post "whacker in er!" Big thing, makes everything easy. Yeah, you do have plenty of grass? Ours is coming though!

Tayet said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hop on over to my blog and grab it :)


Jan n Jer said...

Nice finished project...Looks good!

Tanya Breese said...

hard work pays off!

edenhills said...

Don't know where you are, but where I'm at we have a right hand rule. When you stand on your property and face the fence, you are responsible for the right hand half. You guys did a great job fixing it up!

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