Monday, May 13, 2013

Moving Out

V finishes up exams on Wednesday and will be coming back home for the summer.  We were up there Sunday and helped her move some of her stuff out of the dorm (at least all that the Rav could hold).
 She had such grand plans at the start of the school year for her dorm room.  She wanted to coordinate colors with her roommate and have a nice cozy space to study and hang out.
 She ended up with what she termed, a jail cell.
 There's a little problem with you pick a roommate that is even messier that you.
 I see now why she spent more and more time at grandma's house.  Yes, that is a can of spaghettios and dirty dishes in the sink.  V said this was actually the cleaner version.
I'm glad to get V back for the summer but am so sorry for her that dorm life didn't work out like she had planned.   Looks like she will be living at Grandma's house full time next year.

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