Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick Trip

V starts her summer job this week, waitress at a local restaurant,  so she wanted to go to the beach for a short vacation before she started work.  
 The ocean was beautiful as usual but the temperature was a little chilly.  I don't see how people were swimming when the air temperature was only in the low 70's.
 Since the tennis courts are nearby, we took advantage of the cool air and played a little.
 V is showing some definite improvement from the last time we played.
 I enjoyed sitting and reading and a little walking and shark tooth hunting. (a few finds, nothing spectacular)
And now  for something totally different, tough guy with a cat.   I've seen tough guys with cats, but at the beach on a leash was a new one.  I'm not sure the cat was too thrilled with the prospect of getting close to the waves.  Looks to me like he's checking out how to escape back out of there.   


Ian H said...

Low 70's? that's summer around here.:-}

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Brr! I don't think I could swim if it wasn't at least 85 out.

fernvalley01 said...

looks like fun, the guy and the cat? different, see how tough he looks with the cat perched on his head saying"I don't do WATER"

Nell said...

I laughed far too long about the tough guy with a cat. :) So glad you had some R&R.

Crystal said...

That guy with cat, too funny! That is much too cold for me to swim in either, brrr

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