Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Visitors

My nephew Matt brought his girlfriend Rochelle for a visit from Florida this weekend.  They spent the day Sunday with us doing some of the things on Rochelle's list of things to do.  Of course, visiting us means riding horses.  
 We decided Pep would suit Rochelle best for her first horseback ride.
 After some instructions and some practice walking she thought she was ready to trot.  The first effort met with, "I think that is too fast."  Remember Pep is E's western pleasure pony so she only goes so fast. (which is pretty slow)
 She finally got the hang of it and tried again.  I think she had fun.
 Matt gave vaulting on Hank a whorl.  I'm not sure Hank thought much of it judging from his expression.
 Matt was willing to try the Airplane move but refused the windmill, flag or scissors.
 I think he was ready for the dismount, "ta da!"
 V took a spin on Brother.  All of the extra activity was good for him.
Also on Rochelle's list was braiding a horse mane.  The picture doesn't do it justice, Otoelene's mane was beautiful.  She started working on Hank's tail but we ran out of time.  Also accomplished was playing Monopoly, eating s'mores, hiking (to get the horses), and seeing the goats.  We're ready for another round of visitors anytime.


Crystal said...

I like that kind of visitors :) Sounds like a good day

SheMovedtoTexas said...

She sounds like a winner if braiding a horse's mane was on her list of to do's :)

CDH said...

Sounds like you all had fun! Nice looking ponies you got there.

C said...

Nice work. You all made great progress on Rochelle's list.

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