Monday, June 24, 2013

Reining Clinic

Our 4-H club was fortunate enough to have a local reining trainer come out and give us pointers on reining maneuvers.
We had great weather for the clinic, just not a good turnout.  It continues to flabbergast me that I set up these activities and there is no charge to attend and no one comes.
E decided to save Pep's feet and took Otoelene instead.  She's not ready for reining yet but did get some good work on pivots and lead departures. 
I took Thumper for fun and to get him some exercise.  He had had some reining training before we got him.  He was doing well getting back into the swing of it. (I'm really not pulling back as hard as it looks in that picture).  J ended up working on fences and didn't ride with us.  Great day with a great instructor who was nice enough to volunteer his time. 

1 comment:

Allison B said...

That's too bad that more people don't take advantage of a free clinic!! But better for the people who did attend, more individual attention. Looks like a fun time :)

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