Monday, June 10, 2013


V had a friend from college visit this weekend.  Alex was a very adventurist and humorous guest.  
 He said he wanted to go riding and of course I was all over that.  This was not the most adventurist thing he did but I'm saving that for another post.  Whenever anyone wants to ride it also involves hiking.
 The horses were caught and saddled and Alex was up on Hank for his first lesson since he was 5.  (Not sure what Hank's expression is trying to say)
 After the basics, go, stop, turn, we went over to the outdoor ring for some group riding.  Alex did a little trotting but was content with walking around.  Hank is a very bumpy ride.
 V said Otoelene was a lot better since the last time she rode her.  I told her I should hope so, the last time V rode Otoelene was last year after I had only been riding her for about a week.
 J worked on conditioning Jessica for her next endurance ride and Pep has finally been sound for E to work with again.
Alex was kind enough to take my dream picture, a family portrait all on horseback.  Well, almost my dream picture, maybe next time we could be dressed nice and have the horses looking a bit perkier.


C said...

Your dream picture is a Bonanza pose? Looks like everyone is having fun.

Crystal said...

I like the family picture! I love it when people come over and say they want to ride to, makes me happy :)

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