Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4R's Family Vacation, Day 4

The Internet was restored to Nebraska this morning and V was able to resume contact with others of her kind.  Her AT&T cell phone has still yet to work anywhere in the state. Luckily, E had added $10 to her page plus plan so we have been able to call and check on the farm. 
Today we tried a family activity that we have never attempted before, canoeing.
Going down the Niobrara river is a very popular activity in Valentine. 
The river is moderately wide and smooth, perfect for learning how to canoe.  V and E started out together with V steering in the back.  After much fussing and fuming and getting stuck on a sandbar, we shuffled spots and V got in the front of mine and J got behind E.  Later we stopped and E and J switched spots so E.could learn how to steer.  I think V and I might have had the more relaxing ride.
But after 4 hours and 18 miles I think everyone was ready to get out.  (I was only able to take a picture with my iPad for the blog at the end.  Maybe when we get home and I can go through my camera pictures I'll be able to post some on the trip down the river.)
We then tried to rush to Merriman to see the Artthur Bowring Ranch which is a working Hereford ranch State Park.  It was only open for 15 more minutes by the time we made it but the park ranger went ahead and gave us his talk but we didn't get to see anything else.  I guess we'll have another reason to come back to Nebraska again.

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