Sunday, July 7, 2013

4r's Family Vacation, Day 6

Happy 4th of July.
We got up this morning to a great breakfast in Lusk, Wy.  Everyone except me ate in the restaurant area.  I waited until the chuck wagon was ready and had a mimosa and a fresh made omelette.  It was delicious.
Driving through Wyoming was beautiful.  It's difficult to take an iPad picture from the car that would do it justice. 
We stopped in Cheyenne to see if we could find a good western store.  We found this Boot Barn that was having a tent sale.  J got a new shirt and railroad style winter hat.  V found a good deal on a pair of jeans.  E and I came away empty handed. 
After leaving Cheyenne we got our first look at the Rockies.  We headed to Colorado Springs to go up Pike's Peak for a closer look.
J was a little tired of driving so I took us up to the top.  I missed the sign at the entrance that recommend at least a half a tank of gas.  J had barely let it get lower than the 3/4 mark for the whole trip so I didn't think twice about heading up the mountain.    Once we made it past the tree line E was having second thoughts.  When the lightning started she was ready to turn around.  I couldn't take my eyes off of the yellow line long enough to see anything.  And when it started SNOWING, my knuckles where turning pretty white.  Almost at the top around a bend a motorcycle was stopped in the middle of the road.  The driver was walking ahead dragging his foot to clear the 1-2 inches of snow and slush that was covering the road.  What a scary place to start slipping and sliding.  Thankfully, we made it past and to the top.  It took about 5 minutes before I could stop shaking.
The temperature swing went from 90 degrees down to 36 at the top.  The weather cleared off enough for the snow to melt and J drove us back down.  Finally I could look out and take some pictures.
Then the fuel light came on and J couldn't do anything but worry about that.  When we got to the bottom and to a gas station it took 17.2 gallons to fill it.  I looked up the tank capacity, 16.6 gallons.  We were past running on fumes.
We then ate at a wonderful restaurant in Manitou, P.J.'s Bistro.  We even got a chocolate mousse cake, delectable.

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C said...

That was a stressful nail-biter! Glad it had a good ending.

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