Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pharo Cattle Company

On the trip I was taking pictures with my iPad to blog with but I also took my camera and took lots more pictures with it.  It is a little more convenient to carry a pocket camera than an iPad. 
 I still can't get over what those cattle in Colorado were eating.  Kit was showing us the pasture and explained that with this drought about half of the grass is dead, but wouldn't take long to recover if they got rain.
 With his pasture management he was able to winter this herd without any feed, just pasture.
 I still have a hard time telling what the grass is.
 In contrast, this is the pasture some of ours are on now.  They have to actually eat more of this due to the high moisture content. (and the landscape is totally different)
 Kit's cows were plenty fat,
 and the calves looked great.
He has also started using a cafeteria style mineral feeder.  The theory being that the cow knows what it needs and will only eat that. 
 It looked like they didn't have any trouble finding what they wanted.
And apparently, a visit to PCC wouldn't be complete without a visit with Max the pack mule.
Thanks PCC for a very educational tour.


Andrea Chalk said...

I'm interested in the mineral feeder! Does that take the place of the standard brown blocks?

sally said...

what nice looking calves .....hope they get rain soon

Crystal said...

Very neat tour, looks like here on normal years, we always try to save grass so there is leftover grass they can eat in case we dont get rain. Of course the last 3 years we have more rain than we know what to do with but I am sure it will go back to normal soon

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