Saturday, July 20, 2013

Right Place, Right Time

My sprayer handle broke last week and I was at Southern States to get a new one.  The assistants were out front rearranging the bedding plants and asked if I wanted any at a good deal.  I said sure, for free, and they said yes.  Well who can pass up free.  
bonus Kit Kat picture
My garden is pretty full but I thought I could squeeze in these banana peppers and egg plants.  I got E some basil and oregano and I picked up several Mexican heather and lantana plants to go in my wheelbarrow planter.  What a lucky haul.

On the cowboy challenge front, Pep decided to be lame yesterday so I didn't take her to test out the course.  It was just as well, we didn't get done until 10 pm.   Pep  is getting very undependable, being lame (hoof abscesses) every time we want to use her for something.  E is suppose to be showing her at the State 4-H show in September.  I think she needs to be spending lots of  time with Otoelene, her back up horse, for the next month and a half.


CDH said...

What a great score. :) Have you tried soaking Pep's foot in Epsom salt? That works really good drawing the abscess out. Good luck.

fernvalley01 said...

free is my favorite price for plants!

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