Saturday, August 3, 2013

Poor Bumble (Don't Worry, she's ok)

A neighbor came to the house Thursday to say he had hit Bumble on the gravel road.  She had jumped down into the road of the bank right as he was coming around the curve and he didn't get stopped in time.  He said she took back off up the hill into the pine trees.  It was not his fault and he was very nice to have stopped and told us.  He even called later to check to see how she was doing.  Meanwhile, J called me at work to tell me and suggested that I bring a sedative home so we could get her to the house.  
 When I got home she was on the other side of the big hill in front of the house.  I went ahead and gave her the sedative because she couldn't walk up the hill on her own.  (this is the sedated version, she was very alert to start with)
 Bea sat up the hill keeping her eye on the proceedings.
 J, E and Kit waited patiently until the sedative had time to work.  Then we placed her on a sheet to use as a stretcher and carried her up and over the hill (she weighs 103 pounds)  to the car and then the clinic.   J said she was limping on her left front leg and I could feel a broken toe.  Both front paws were bruised so I took radiographs of both.  The 2 outside toe metacarpals ( bone between your wrist and fingers) were broken on the left and the 2 inside metacarpals were broken on the right.  One foot is not too bad because they can limp but both fronts is a problem especially on an outdoor guard dog that has never been inside before.
 I splinted both legs and left her at the clinic overnight.  J and I also combed and cut on her hair for 2 hours while she was asleep.   I brought her home yesterday.  We decided to try her in the dog pen in the barn that we use for the baby goats.  This is what we found this morning.  It may be hard to tell but there is no Bumble in there.
 The pen is 6 feet high and the door was locked with a snap.  The window is every bit of 8 feet (remember the goats falling into the pen).  The room in the barn that the pen is in even Emma can't get out of.
So tell me, How does a 103 pound dog with splints on both front legs get out out that one?  The next choice might be to lock her up the the livestock trailer.  She is suppose to wear those splints for 4 to 8 weeks.   Good luck with that one.


C said...

Poor Bumble. I can't imagine what she went through to get out with broken bones and her front legs in splints. She really really really wanted out.

CDH said...

Poor Bumble! Glad she is ok. Maybe that horse in the back ground helped her out? :)

fernvalley01 said...

Poor thing! Lucky she has such a drive. Will she be quieter and more settled if she is near her partner?I know I had a horse on "stall rest" which turned into paddock rest because she would not settle till she could see other horses.

Nell said...

Thanks for saying she was OK in the title because I was about to cry just thinking of her getting hit by a car. She must be a tough one to get out of that pen. I guess you can't keep a good dog down.

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