Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Fences #98 ~ Foggy Morning

The fence picture is at the end.  But to start, I think we have had fog nearly every morning since the first part of August.  Does that mean it will snow until June?
 This morning J was trying to get in a cow/calf pair.  The calf was starting to get a little sick with a respiratory problem.  The cow was being very uncooperative.  J was not able to  get her up his usual way by just herding her calmly on foot.  The 4-wheeler didn't help either but he did manage to get her cut out of the herd and into a field by herself.
 So he resorted to trying the horses.  The original plan was for him to ride Hank and I would ride Otoelene.  I rode her last night and she was doing fine.  But of course, as soon as you need to do something, she was off again on that right hind with the reoccurring abscess.   The hoof wall has separated in a spot and I think it is allowing dirt to get up in there and cause more problems.  I clean it out and pack iodine soaked cotton in it but I think she will just need rear shoes like Brother.
So the new plan was for me to ride Hank and J would use the 4-wheeler.
This was the only picture I managed of the event.  It is a little difficult to ride, chase a cow and calf and capture it with a picture all at the same time.  Hank did he's job beautifully and the pair was caught and the calf treated.
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CDH said...

What cool pics of the fog! Glad you got baby in and treated. This is a bad time of year for the little ones to get phenomnia. Damp evenings, dry dusty days.

Rose said...

Oh, but the fog shots are wonderful!

LV said...

I think you did a great job on your fence scene. I would have given up going through all you did.

Crystal said...

What is your sayings for fog there? here it is rain 90 days after fog, and I kept track one year and it was right on, kinda creepy them old wives tales

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