Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Road Work

Our driveway has been a mess.  We had some really hard rains this spring and one gully was nearing the size of the Grand Canyon.  
 J ended up hiring a neighbor with a dozer and backhoe to come work on it.
 There is over half a mile that needs attention.
 It was decided to put in 5 new culverts.
 We had had the telephone line marked the week before but not at the point where they decided to put in a culvert after the original discussion.
I imagine you can guess what happened.  Yes, they cut the telephone line.  Luckily, another neighbor is retired from the telephone company and instead of going through all of the hoops to get someone here (Friday afternoon before a Monday holiday) he just called one of his friends who came right out and fixed it within the hour.  Good neighbors - priceless.


Alica said...

That's one long lane. And I agree...good neighbors are indeed priceless! Glad you're up and running!

CDH said...

Never fails when you mark the lines, they cut them anyways! ugh! Great neighbors are priceless. Glad your lane will be able to handle all the run off now.

Ian H said...

I'm glad I'm not plowing snow on that driveway!

C said...

You have some very well-skilled neighbors. Very fortunate.

I hope this helps your drive. You all have definitely had a time of it.

Alica said...

I don't know if you get notifications on comments made on past posts, but if not...check out your post from Feb 17th of this year...Just Kit Sunday #2. The Eby's posted a question for you! Saw them at a cross country meet today and was telling them about your post with Kit on the Eby trailer!

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