Monday, November 18, 2013

Brother's First Group Ride

Some friends cut out a new spur trail to the top of a cliff and wanted to show everyone where it was so we thought it would be a good time to take Brother on his first group trail ride.  
 I'm not sure who was more nervous, Brother or J.  Brother was pretty quite but didn't really want to stand still and relax so J did a lot of circling.
 Brother also wanted to walk faster than J needed him to so more circling.
 We got to the first water crossing and Hank looked back to see what Brother and J were up to.
 Looks like more circling.
 We then got to part of the trail that was too narrow to circle so Brother kicked one of the 2 dogs that were with the group.  After that the dogs seemed attracted to Brother like it was a game to see who could get kicked next.
 He finally decided that it was too much work to walk twice as far as everyone else and settled into a slower walk.
 Which was good because there were a lot of obstacles to contend with.
 We finally made it to the lookout.  
The view was worth the ride.  
Couldn't resist one more circle before getting back.  
All in all, another successful training ride for Brother.  With 13 adult riders, 2 kids and 2 dogs there was lots for him to process.
Fire update 1100 acres burned 60% contained.


Allison B said...

Cool ride! I am glad Brother did good! Even though he wanted to be a little faster, seems like it was easily controlled with the circling.

aurora said...

What a pretty place, my kinda ride! That's a big group, looks like J did a great job with Brother and even rode him through challenging obstacles. I would call that successful.

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