Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday eating and visiting with family. But really missed sister A and nephew M.  
 Mama cooked a beautiful turkey.
 V and E really stepped it up with the cooking, several new dishes from them this year.
 J even helped out in the kitchen.  
 Of course there where some good standbys, can't have Thanksgiving without the mashed potatoes.
 And brother M carved the turkey.
A great meal with plenty leftover for super.
On the way home J and I stopped by Belk to see what V and E were up to there.  C wasn't concerned about a crowd.  Her comment at the house was, "Who's going to go to Belk anyway?"  Well, half the county seemed to be there.  The parking lot was packed and the shoe department was a mad house.  We left with V and E in line with 2 of their aunts buying all of our finds.  J and I came home while they were headed to the next store.
Happy Black Friday.

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