Monday, December 30, 2013

A Three Horse Day

V made the statement the other day that if she is home this summer she might like to show a horse again.  But maybe she would like to try western instead of hunter this time.  
 So, of course I was all over that one.  I got her on Brother while I rode Otoelene.  Even though he hadn't been ridden for 2 weeks he was still his calm steady self.  The only problem was my fault.  I just grabbed Otoelene's bridle and then the other bridle I always use which was actually Hank's and Wrangler's and gave it to V.  It was way too big for Brother and the bit was down at his lips.  V thought it was a little big but didn't say anything.  I didn't notice my mistake until I rode Wrangler next and realized what I had done.
He did fine even with the bridle issue.   V did some cantering and couldn't decide whose canter she liked better, Brother's or Hank's.  That is quite a complement for Brother's canter because Hank's is like sitting is a rocking chair (that goes 10 feet with every rock)
 We also took a little spin outside where Brother was cool as a cucumber.  It was hard for V to believe that he is only 2.
 Next up it was Wrangler's turn.  Walk, jog, lope both ways, stop, back up, getting better at all of that.  But he still can't pivot worth anything and he is really bad about not moving off my leg when I want him to.
So there is still work to be done.  E needs to get home from Grandma's house and get going on this project.
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