Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Star Craft

I try to do a different Christmas ornament craft each year.  It is getting increasingly difficult to balance a nice ornament with the amount of time I am willing to spend on each one.  This year I attempted a yarn star.  
 After some trial and error I came up with 10 tooth picks in a circle poked through the bottom of a foam meat tray.
 Next, more trial and error on how to spin the yarn around the tooth picks.
 It makes a big difference to the outcome depending on what spacing you chose.

  Once you know what pattern you will do,  soak the yarn in a 50/50 glue/water mixture.
 I tied a loop at the top to hang it by later.
Then let the glue dry.  This process can be sped up using a hair drier.   Next, the trick is getting the toothpicks out while keeping the star intact.  The first couple of times wasn't hard, but as the glue built up on the toothpicks it got increasingly difficult to remove them but I was too cheap to replace them each time.
Then I spray painted them and while the paint was wet sprinkled them with glitter.  
And there you have it, yarn Christmas Stars.


aurora said...

Great idea, turned out very nice! Give you lots of credit. I gave up our annual hand making of ornaments years ago. Not sure why, everybody liked them and they are fun to make - but time consuming.

Laura Lee said...

Those turned out nice! I might try making those with some left over jute baling twine.

Ashley Bergen said...

cool idea! Have to remember this for next year.

Crystal said...

Those are really cool!

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