Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Good Enough For Government Work

We have several springs on our farm that have been developed to provide clean water for different pastures. 
 The bulls, being bulls, have torn up the fence around the spring in their field.
 The government agency overseeing the spring development came out to inspect the springs.  Of course, J being totally open to full disclosure, told the inspector that the fence around the spring was damaged.  So of course, said inspector found the only problem to be the one J told him about and gave us instructions to fix the post.  
 Some things are easier said than done.
But if it keeps the bulls out 90% of the time, isn't that close enough for the government? (J actually only found a bull in there once, right after it had happened)
Well, it's fixed for now,  at least until the bulls get into another fight next to it.  The inspector is suppose to come check on our repair work.  Hope it passes.

1 comment:

Alica said...

Looks like a good fix to me...hope those bulls stay away!

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