Monday, December 9, 2013

Saddle Club Christmas Party

Our Saddle Club always has a Secret  Santa gift exchange at our Christmas Dinner.  The gift limit is $10 and there are usually some very nice things.  
 After a few trades J ended up with a remote control lantern.  It puts out a lot of light and will be great on our next camping trip.
I, on the other hand, had the misfortune of drawing #1 and picked out a tree very similar to this one (minus the ornaments).  Notice I said similar because I don't currently have such a nice tree to take a picture of.   Well, being #1 at a horse party you can imagine that I didn't keep it long.  There was quite a bit of trading and I had it back until the last round when it was viciously stolen from me.
I ended up with the last wrapped present, a horse night light.  Not the same.
I guess I made enough of a scene that the ones that brought the tree promised to make me one if I bring them the shoes.  Now that's a deal.
Everyone watch out for a night light at the next Secret Santa.

1 comment:

C said...

Always a pill going first. As soon as I saw the picture of the night light, I knew that would be going right back next year. I know missing out on the horse shoe tree was a dissapointment for you - but how nice that they offered to make you one (you must have really made a big stink - but that is a great tree).

At least J did well.

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