Monday, January 13, 2014

Dream Horse Day

Sunday was a wonderful day to ride.  V and E both joined me at the barn to work on the horses.  V is home from college until the weekend.   
 I rode Otoelene around some to warm her up.  Much better attitude than the picture in the blizzard fiasco.
V decided to try Otoelene out a little too.  I think V's hunter riding took over because she had Otoelene trotting faster than I can ever make her, plus she looked nice too.  
 Here is a little clip of Otoelene's canter.  I think V still had her geared up a little faster than normal but she is very smooth.
E decided to ride Pep for the first time since her last show in October.  Not much has changed.  I think Pep pretty much has everything down pat by now.
I'm just not sure I care much for this lope though.  I think she sometimes tries to pretend she is loping by just nodding her head at the trot.  But it's western pleasure so what do you do.
 Then we switched out and caught Brother and Wrangler.  V lunged Brother but said she was too cold to ride. (it was nearly 50 degrees)  She had even added a pair of coveralls to her outfit and was still freezing.  I went ahead and rode some.  He did fine, slow and smooth but still needs lots of work on steering.
Then E took a spin on Wrangler.  His lope is really coming along.  Still a little stiff but he is dropping his head more and getting smoother by the day.  Wonderful day to have my 2 girls and ride 4 horses.  I couldn't talk them into catching Hank and Jessica though.


Laura Lee said...

Pep is definitely pretending, LOL! Looks like a great day of arena riding :)

fernvalley01 said...

looks like a great days riding, I think I agree about Pep's lope in the video, not loving that style, but as you said WP is what it is

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