Saturday, January 18, 2014

Protein Lick Tubs

J is trying something new this year with the calves.  As you know from previous posts, (weaning), we kept the calves on the cows longer.  We are also keeping them here over the winter instead of sending them to the feedlot.  We had been sending the larger calves out west and keeping the replacement heifers and smaller calves anyway but this means more mouths to feed.  
 J has been thinking about using these protein lick tubs for a couple of years now.  He finally went for it and bought some for this group to see how it would work for us.
 It has 24% crude protein and 5% fat in a molasses base.  They weigh 200 pounds.  I am excited about having the empty tubs to use for my garden and yard projects, or as water tubs for the lot without a natural water source.
 The calves were very curious about them at first.  Anytime there is something new in the pasture they have to go check it out.
They are not as excited about them now though.  Sometimes 2 or 3 are hanging around sometimes none.  It will be interesting to see if it helps them come through the winter in better shape.  We'll see how it goes.


Alica said...

We have used something similar for our heifers too...and the empty tubs are great for watering the heifers in the winter when the pipes freeze and we have to run hoses to them!

CDH said...

We are going to give our replacement heifers and our first calf heifers a lick this year too. Been talking about it for awhile now. 60 days before we turn the bulls out with them. The lick company comes and gets the tubs and replaces them every 15 - 20 days! nice! :)
We'll see how they work.
BTW - your calves look awesome!

Michaele said...

I hope it does the job. I too would have been thinking of what I could do with the containers : )

fernvalley01 said...

we used a similar product a few years ago,but had to have it custom made as we are in a grey wooded soil area, and low in magnesium. The cattle did well on it, but we found it to be less cost effective overall. There is also a liquid product (promolass ) here that is reported to be good, the local feed mill comes out to fill "lick tanks" if you have them. Again works fairly well, but we are not keeping young stock anymore so haven't used it for some time

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