Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year End Clearance Sale

I knew I didn't get J much for Christmas for a reason.
 The local Polaris shop was having a year end sale that ended yesterday.
 And this 500 model was at the front door waiting for us.
 I sort of wanted this pretty pink model but J said no.
 We had bought our first 4-wheeler used 3 years ago and it seemed like there was something wrong with it all of the time.  This last problem was it for J and we traded it in on this one.
It may have just a tad less power than the 700 but is suppose to be easier on gas.  They were adding a brush guard but were out so we'll have to put that on next week.  We also might get the front and rear rack extenders while we'er at it.  Watch out thistles, here I come...
Happy New Year everyone.


Alica said...

Lucky you! Have fun!

Crystal said...

We left atvs behind and got an RTV a couple years ago, what a nice change that is more like a mini truck and I love the box on the back

Nell said...

Wow! What a nice gift. Oh the places you'll go on your new 4-wheeler!

Debashree Chakma said...

Wow ! The pink model is pretty.

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