Saturday, February 8, 2014

Farm Use Tags

In Virginia if you have a vehicle for the farm, it doesn't have to be licensed or inspected like regular cars.  All's you need is a farm use tag.  J has refused to spend $4.00 on an official one so he turned the old license plate over and painted Farm Use on it.  Well, that was a few years ago and the paint has since pealed off.  
 So this is what the back of the truck looked like when a police officer pulled him over Thursday while he was driving between farms.  The officer asked J, "Is this a farm vehicle?"  Apparently, J was able to withhold any sarcastic comments because he didn't get a ticket, just a request to make a clear tag.
That was my project yesterday.  Does it look like a Farm Use vehicle now?  Hope the permanent marker holds up to the elements.  If not I know what J is getting for Christmas.

1 comment:

Alica said...

Sounds like he got a nice cop! We've had some that are pretty snippy about farm use tags...even had one pull me over using his siren, when I was pulling a trailer with a cow in it. Hmmmm...I must have looked pretty threatening!

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