Monday, February 24, 2014

Goat Horn Styles

Our goat herd is a genetic hodgepodge. We started with 12 nannies 14 years ago.  Those original nannies were mostly milk type goats.  We then started breeding them to meat goat billies like boers, kikos, and Spanish meat goats.  Well, there was that one odd billy that J got at the livestock market, no idea what he was but he was tall and narrow with a mohawk, but I'm not counting him.  We now just call them Brush Goats. They are our 24/7 weed control program.   Anyway, this genetic diversity has lead to a variety of different horn styles on our girls.  
Here we see the short, thick, straight horn.
Here, Squeaky is modeling the delicately curved under the cheek horn.
 Then we have the up and off the face look.
 I can't describe this one any other way than wicked or maybe Farrah Fawsett wings.
 Tinkerbell is sporting a look similar to Squeaky but she is going with more of a flip with her tips.
 And we can't forget our line of muley goats.
These are naturally hornless.  We started with one but now have 3 of these beauties.
Hope you enjoyed our Spring Horn Show.


Ian H said...

I always thought that a goat was a goat, was a goat. Learned something new today and it's only 8:30 am.

Crystal said...

how cute, i like the ones that curl

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