Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kit Kat Sunday #36

Kit is getting a little full of himself lately.  He was pretty demanding during his last photo shoot.  It took awhile, but I think I finally got one to suit him. 
 "Hey, there is something over there that is bothering me."
 "I don't want 'him' in my picture."
 "Let's try over here, maybe the lighting will be better."
 "Are you sure no one else has been sitting here?"
 "Wait! I think my eyes were closed."
 "Now my ear was twitching."
 "OK, let me take care of this cowlick."
"Stop it! I'm sure my mouth was open on that one." 
"This is just not the look I'm going for."
 "I think the back ground is better in that direction."
"Now your talking."

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