Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wind, Rain, Whiplash

I had just caught Otoelene to ride when J asked if I could do a job.  Well, of course I could because it involved riding Otoelene.  Seems since 12 inches of snow melted and it rained another inch, the bottom where J had been feeding the cattle was to wet to feed in.  So he fed on a hill and the cattle hadn't found the hay yet.  J wanted me to herd the cattle over to the hay.  Sounded like that was right up my alley.  
Plus, one end of the barn was pretty flooded so it wasn't going to be much fun riding inside.  

But by the time I got Otoelene saddled and warmed up, the cattle were already eating.  
  So I thought I might go look for stragglers anyway.  The gate way into the bottom was a muddy mess.
 Then the upper section was a big swamp.
The river was almost out of it's banks.  
 Then there was a lake where there has never been one before.
 Water was just pouring down the road and through the lower gate.
 Did I mention it was windy?  The wind would whip and catch my DaBrim helmet brim and jerk my head until I thought I might get whiplash.  I need to learn to use E's helmet on windy days.
 And there they were, right where they belonged.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Sounds like Otelene and you did your job just fine! Got the cows where they were supposed to be ;) Other than the mud and water and wind....yuck I hate that part of spring

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