Monday, March 3, 2014

Nine Hours and 13 Dresses Later...

I took E  prom dress shopping Saturday.  
 First stop, small boutique in  nearby downtown.  E tried on 3 dresses there but only let me take a picture in one.  The shop owner is holding the dress up which means it would need some alterations, $279.
 Then surprise of all surprises, E consented to try on a couple of dresses at a Thrift Store.  I cut her head off in the picture because her expression was a little different than the previous one.  Anyway, this blue one was actually too small.  $55
 This beaded one was nice but too big, more alterations, and E thought it looked too old fashioned.  $55
 This one at Deb's was nice but I'm holding about a foot of fabric in the back to make it fit.  I would have to take off tons of beads and replace the zipper. $189.   She didn't like the peach one in the background at all.  Then we went to a very expensive formal wear store.  They didn't allow pictures but nothing that E would try on fit anyway.
 On a whim I stopped at JC Penney.  I wasn't even sure they had prom dresses.  And amazingly, on the one small rack they had, there were 3 size 1 dresses.
 They all fit!
She decided on this mint green with a beaded band.  It is spark-a-ly all over but that doesn't show up well in the picture. And the best part, it was less than the one at the Thrift Store, 40% off  $100 and when I asked if they had a coupon, she gave me one for $10 off.  And the second best part, the only alteration that it needs is hemming.  


C said...

Delighted to get a behind the scenes look. I liked the dark blue thrift shop one (really was flattering) and the green one she picked. E you look lovely. And nice deal (gotta love that deal).

Virginia Reasor said...

E doesn't look too happy

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