Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Loop

We had a couple of inches of snow yesterday morning but by the afternoon it had about all melted.  Since is was above freezing I decided to ride Otoelene outside because I was getting tired of just going around in the barn and I think she was too.  
 The fields were a sloppy mess so I decided to do the road loop.  So we started off down the driveway.  This may be the only picture of riding in the snow that I'll get.
 Then turn right out of the driveway and up the gravel road.  In a mile and a half this was the only car.
 Then another right and back onto the lane that goes through the farm.
 Otoelene needed to check out what was in the green tube in the heifer field.  I almost couldn't pull her away from it.
 We have been waiting for some good weather to get the barn fixed.  It may be beyond help by the time that happens.  This is about the only place that Otoelene even bothered to lift her head up.
 Then the messy road that J has to drive the tractor on several times a day to get to the hay lot.
 We had to pass by the other horses to get back to the barn.  Nobody was interested in anything but eating.
Oh, and a bonus picture of Kit Kat.  Otoelene was a dream.  I'm continually wondering how I was lucky enough to get her.  
Hope you  enjoyed "the loop." Emma sure had a good time getting dirty.


aurora said...

Nice to get outside and what a good girl Otoelene was! Pretty girl with an interesting name. How did you come upon it, lineage?

Our time outdoor days are getting closer, I can't wait!!

HHmstead said...

Really enjoyed your ride! Great photos & description - good horse too! Love the palomino's!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I really enjoyed this visit n ride! Wish we had gravel roads here. It's a mess, Despite 60 ish temps there's still snow and more expected! Thanks for your kind comment on our pony. Hoping to bring her home very soon IF she leaves the drainage tube alone. How wonderful that you studied there! Hope you're still practicing?
Happy trails to you!

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