Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Ride

Brother had another big day Sunday when V went trail riding with me and J.  E went to the beach with Grandma, a friend and one aunt and an uncle and V was home from Tech for Easter.  When she made the suggestion to go trail riding I was all over it.  
It was a beautiful sunny day without gale force winds, perfect for a trail ride on Horse Heaven.  
J rode Jessica, her first ride in awhile.  And V took Hank.  
 Jessica started out well but got pretty antsy on the way back.  J had to do quite a lot of training to keep her at a steady pace.  
On one part of the trail we could see a section that had burned out of control last November.
We saw more smoke on the mountain last Friday.  We found out later that this was a planned burn.
 Brother was very interested in the burned areas.  He would periodically try to veer off the trail to walk through it.
He didn't even seem to mind when he took the lead through the burned sections.  
V said Hank did perfect and she had a good ride with him pretty much just letting him walk along doing his own thing.  
The forest service had done a lot of work on the trails and they were super highways as far as horse trails around here are concerned.   I love how V's hair is the same color as Hank.  We rode for about 2 1/2 hours.  Brother got a day off on Monday after his 2 big days. 

Kid count - 60 (more or less) 


aurora said...

Your Easter ride sounds lovely! We so wanted to do similar, the weather was gorgeous at home, but our drive to the barn is way too long to cook/host/transport etc - and ride. Maybe next year?!

CDH said...

What a beautiful day for a ride.

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