Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kit Kat Preempted

Kit Kat Sunday is being preempted today because we have BABY GOATS!
 Yesterday morning we had a single and a set of twins born.
 But the goats have been out roaming around as usual so it was time to get them in the barn lot.  We have found that goats have a tendency to forget where they leave their little ones when they are out and about so when they are kidding we confine them to just one field.
 They are usually pretty easy to herd around once you get them going and they don't mind the directing you are taking them.  They can be difficult if they don't want to go that way.
 Yesterday, they didn't seem to mind going where we wanted.
 And no problem making the turn into the barn field.
 Shortly after we moved them there was another set of twins born.

Kid count - 5
Back to our regularly scheduled Just Kit Sunday next week.


Allison B said...

Loving all the babies!
Kinda funny that they have a tendency to forget where they leave their babies, silly goats.

Alica said...

Goats are funny creatures...I love their antics. Glad they behaved for you to herd them into their new field!

Story said...

I love kid time! They are so darn cute!

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