Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I was walking through the bottom checking the cows Sunday when I saw someone walking through the creek.  This is an area that is way off of the road and only accessible through our property or an absentee neighbor's property.  
 When I saw this guy, I went over to get his attention but was ignored for some minutes.  When he finally acknowledged me I asked him who had given him permission to fish here. (this being our land and knowing that no one has permission)  He said, "the Linkous's gave me permission."  Well, the Linkous's land ended about 3/4 of a mile ago.  
J has had to run people off on a regular basis.  We allow the local fire department to use the creek every spring for a fishing tournament fund raiser.   Since they stock the creek for that people are always trespassing afterwards.  This guy was a little early.  The tournament isn't for another couple of weeks.
We use to let one couple fish.  They would clean and fillet the fish, vacuum package it, label it and deliver it to our freezer.   They fished until the wife became too ill to come out anymore.  They were a very nice couple and have been greatly missed.


Crystal said...

Some people will try anything. Hope you chased him away for good

CDH said...

Hope you got him outta there! Some people!
We have trespassers here too. Especially during hunting season.

RhondaChitwood said...

we have a lake that is behind a church.. People think because it is behind a church it is the church's lake.. even with signs that say Private, no fishing, etc... we still have to run folks off!! Then they bring little kids way too little to really fish and claim... aww... just letting the kids fish!! yea right buddy!!


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