Monday, June 30, 2014

District Horse Show Results

Our District Qualifying show for State was Saturday.  Any horse that goes to the State 4-H horse show has to qualify at a district event.  E took 3 horses, just in case.  One year Pep went lame 2 days before the state show and she had to substitute Hank and show him.  
 Pep was really on her game at the show.
 E won the Western Showmanship class.
 Then got on Brother for the pleasure classes.  Looks like pink was the color of the day.
 She was 2nd out of 8 in Sr. Western Pleasure.
 And in a very crowded class of 16 for Go As You Please, they were 3rd.
 Then it was back to Pep for Equitation.  If anyone else had been in the class I'm sure she would have beat them but as it was she was the only rider.  Pep was put through all of her paces including an extended trot.
 Then E whizzed Pep through the trail class.  Practicing the gate every time we ride has really paid off.
 She didn't look twice or hesitate at anything and ended up winning the class.
 This is where Hank spent his day until the trail class.  To qualify for State you only have to go in one class and E didn't want to show hunter so trail it was.
 After 2 trotting circles to warm up in they went.
 It was a bit more of a reach than she had with Pep at the barrel.
 But he sailed through everything like a pro and ended up 3rd.
This was before the trail results so add another trophy and 3rd to the ribbons.  Now E just has to decide which horse to sigh up for the State Show before next week, tried and true Pep, or something new with Brother.  Hank is just on standby.

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Crystal said...

Nice job! Pretty cool to have her choice of 3 horses to she picks Pep

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