Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I presented this letter at the County Board of Supervisors meeting last night.  I don't know if anything will come of it but at least I have made them aware of the situation.

Why did it take until May 27, 2014 for the date to be set for the 2014 Rural Retreat Fair?  I say look no further than the dysfunctional Fair Association.

Since moving to the county in 1999, I have seen a steady decline in the quality and attendance at the RR Fair.  That is, with the exception of the horse events which have always been popular and well attended. 

Three years ago I joined the Glade Mountain Saddle Club which sub leases the arena area from the Fair Association.  I did this in order to gain access the arena for the   4-H Saddles and Bridles club for which I am a volunteer leader.  Since joining the club, I have had the honor of meeting and working with very dedicated and civic minded horse enthusiasts.  What I've never understood however, was the continual friction and animosity from the Fair Association toward the Glade Mountain Saddle Club.  I truly felt that if the FA could just meet and talk with us we could work out any perceived differences or problems. 

With nothing but goodwill in mind I decided to attend the May 27 meeting of the FA.  When I arrived I was promptly told to state my business and leave because they were busy and could not proceed with their meeting until I was gone.  My ‘business’ was trying to find out the fair dates and offer the Saddle Club’s help in trying to better the fair.  This year the GMSC will celebrate it’s 50th year and we wanted to commemorate this anniversary by sponsoring horse events for 3 consecutive nights during the fair.  I believed that as a representative of the Saddle Club, a doctor and respected member of the community I would be welcomed at this meeting; however, I was summarily dismissed after 10 minutes. I was told that it was in their bylaws that no visitors could attend their meeting.  I have never been so uncomfortable or treated so rudely in public.   The way the FA is being run is a disgrace to the community.  I feel that as the lessor, The County Board of Supervisors has the responsibility to step in and disband this dysfunctional group and replace it with a properly run and publicly open organization. 

Thank you.

In response to our club asking to have events at the fair we were told they could extend the fair one day to Sunday and we could do something then.  What an unbelievable and short sighted organization.  So our club is now planning a 3 day "Horse Fest".  We have our work cut out for us on this one.  


Allison B said...

How rude!!

Rancher Girl said...

You Go Girl!

wenparl said...

Oh my! As someone who works on our local fair board it sure seems a mystery to me! Are you sure you don't want to move to our area and run horse events here! ;)

Crystal said...

Wow you would think they would be happy to have extra help! Hope you get something better going on around there

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