Monday, July 21, 2014

Horse Fest 2014

We got off to a rocky start with the weather Friday.  Record cold for July and rain so the speed show was postponed until after the regular show on Sunday.  
 Then Saturday morning wasn't much better.  Still cold and rainy.  The first clinic was moved to a different location but we stuck it out with the second clinic that J had signed up for.  Instead of using the arena though they rode in the grass outside the arena.  With the rain on and off all day there were really no spectators so I didn't get to do any of the kid things I had planned (using my vaulting dummy, hand painting on Otoelene, brushing and braiding a mini, roping, learning parts of the horse and saddle, id of equipment and feeds, and a stick horse show).  Starting at 3 we had a live radio remote for 2 hours and the rain finally quit and people stated rolling in for the Ranch Rodeo.
 We even had a Mounted Shooting Demo at intermission.
 I spent the evening in here.  The concession stand was really hopping.
 Then Sunday we had our horse show.   We only took Pep and Brother which was enough since we were working the show too.  E was 2nd out of 5 in Juvenile Western Pleasure, 1st out of 6 in Showmanship, 2nd out of 7 in Ranch Pleasure, 3rd out of 18 in Open Western Go As You Please and 1st out of 10 in Trail with Pep.
 She also took Brother for a ride in Juvenile Go As You Please and was 4th out of 7 in that one.
 I rode Brother in Open Go As You Please against E and didn't place but came back and showed in Jr. Horse Go As You Please and was 1st out of 6.  We were 2nd out of 5 in Western Pleasure and then for the biggy, 1st out of 17 in the Riding for Charity Go As You Please.
 E asked if I wanted my picture taken and I said, "YES!"
We had a picture taking place set up too and E let me take her picture there.
Then we got 1/2 way through the speed show and it started raining again so we had to call it off.  The really depressing thing was that here, 10 miles away we only got 0.08 inches of rain the entire 3 days.  Now we just have 2 1/2 weeks to get ready for 3 events at the Fair.

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Crystal said...

Wow awesome you! 1st out of 17 thats impressive! And i like the photo spot, I want my pic taken there! Sounds like a success even if it was cold and wet and that kinda sucks

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