Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice Run

We hauled Brother and Jessica to the location of the start of the endurance ride yesterday for a practice run.
 The show grounds are pretty deserted looking but there was already one trailer over in the woods.  She apparently came Monday and is riding Friday.
 Brother is getting to be and old hand at all of this.  I am continually amazed that he does so well for a 3 year old.
 We were once again on the Virginia Highlands trail but this time about 50 miles from last weekend.
 We just rode the first 6 miles up and back so 12 total.   Where we turned around the trail is lined with Posted Keep Out signs and there was a man walking around in the woods on a cell phone, carrying a big stick with a gun in the waist band of his pants.  He claims the trail is on his property and he is threatening to block the trail for the ride.  One year there was a large stuffed toy horse hanging by its neck in a tree.  We listened to him rant for about 20 minutes before we finally got away.  We met the other rider on the way back and warned her about the crazy man and said he had a gun.  She said she had one too.  I told J that wasn't something I usually think about taking on a trail ride.  Anyway, the horses did fine.  Really wish Brother was old enough.
 All he thinks about is eating when he gets done.
Jessica, on the other hand, tries to scrub away any vestige of human touch after every ride.

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